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Who Voted to Raise Your Gasoline Tax?

Below is a table showing who voted to increase Wyoming gasoline tax by another ten cents per gallon. Make note of those who’s term expires in 2014.

Some reps area of representation overlap into other counties, but the first county listed is their main county. To sort the data in the table, click on the column heading, click it again and it will sort in the reverse order. You may also enter something in the search box above the table to find something in particular. There are 70 reps who voted to increase your tax, be sure to expand the table to see all of them. read more


Movie Night

Movie night at the Oil and Gas building last night presented great videos of Sheriff Mack and Stewart Rhodes from the Oath Keepers. Very informative!

Our Sheriff Benton is stepping down at the end of this month, and Monday June 24 at the Parkway Plaza will be a meeting where the public can attend and listen to the two candidates for the Sheriff position. See the details at the Natrona County GOP web site.


Teacher Pensions

Official Education Spending Figures Do Not Incorporate Full Cost of Teacher Pensions

“… Despite the centrality of pensions in debates over government budgeting and education policy, the NCES dramatically underestimates pension costs in its official education spending figures. States report to the NCES only the yearly contributions to teacher pension funds rather than the present value of accrued benefits. Since governments routinely contribute less than is needed to cover future pension benefits, correcting this accounting problem could add tens of billions of dollars to official education spending estimates—somewhere around $900 to $1,000 per pupil in ongoing year-to-year costs, plus roughly $700 to $800 per pupil in annual debt service. The NCES should join other federal agencies in measuring the cost of pensions with actual risk-adjusted pension liabilities rather than annual contributions. …” read more

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