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Liz Cheney for Wyoming? Really!

Liz Cheney for Wyoming! Really? Do Some Research Before You Vote!

“Liz Cheney’s husband , Philip J. Perry is “the” American Security State lawyer. He was former chief council to Homeland Security, overseeing 1500 DHS lawyers who specialized in making ‘legal’ the traffic stops, airport strip searches, email surveillance and positioning data collection.”


“The issue involves much more than a difference of philosophy, or political viewpoint. Growing up in the midst of the “Cold War,” our generation were taught that those who attempted to abolish our national sovereignty and overthrow our Constitutional government were committing acts of treason. Please judge for yourself if the group discussed is guilty of such. read more


Editorial 10-14-13

Has anyone noticed that the legislators and governor who supported SF-104 claimed at the time that Cindy Hill was a bad egg because of dastardly deeds deserving of impeachment, but refused to do their duty and impeach her claiming it would expose “dirty laundry”, have once again seeking “more” investigations to gather evidence needed for Hill’s impeachment?

This begs the question, if Hill was deserving of an impeachment when the legislators and governor signed into law SF-104, they would have already had the evidence to do so. So why are these same politicians continuing to spend our money to find evidence? Evidence they should already have had in the beginning! As to the “dirty laundry” claim, one must ask, who’s dirty laundry, Hill’s or theirs? read more

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