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“Can’t Lead From A Rear View Mirror”

We’re prone to nostalgia. Drifting back to a moment-in-time, or events in yesteryear that brought a level of comfort, happiness, or reverie, as we strolled down “memory lane.” The degree varies from generation to generation, and the value attached to those events. Memories are quite selective, and, at times, misleading if one isn’t cautious while drawing conclusions.

Some generations frequently reflect backward to a time that stands in stark contrast to the present day. For good reason. The biggest problems for educators in the 1950’s were truancy and students sticking gum under their desk. President Truman paid his travel expenses out of his own pocket-not ours. A real doctor visited our home when we were ailing. read more


“Who’ll Skip Thanksgiving This Year?”

Retailers nationwide strategize, struggling to turn a profit, pushing “Christmas shopping closer,” less than a week before “Black Friday. “Thanksgiving’s getting squeezed again this year. Most of us won’t skip the festive side of the day; food, family, and all the attendant activities, around the table and big screen TV. But the true meaning of Thanksgiving’s another story. Here’s one more. One of John Gresham’s best sellers, “Skipping Christmas,” is a compelling short story of a married couple who decided, for a variety of self-absorbing reasons, to “skip Christmas this year.” The screen adaptation of his novel, “Christmas With the Kranks,” starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis, is a comical, yet poignant portrayal of what happens when two people, Luther and Nora Krank, forget those things that matter most, in an attempt to avoid the frenzy traditionally associated with the commercialized version of Christmas holidays. They go to great lengths-at great expense. read more


Has Honesty Become Passe`?

Although politics isn’t the exclusive domain for embellishing the truth, it certainly has a prominent history for fabricating falsehoods and promoting prevarication. Most understand why some people lie to cover up an act or account that would incriminate them. We don’t condone or agree-but we understand why? Our history’s replete with such cover-ups and blatant mendacity. Former President Clinton denied he had “relations with that woman.” Hillary Clinton steadfastly dismisses any wrong doing with her email and personal server fiasco. If mendacity was a boulevard; the Clintons would be an interstate. read more

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