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Trump as President?

by Jeff HymasJeffHymas289

I may say some bold things that others may not agree with. I welcome input and feedback – that’s exactly why I’ve written this article – to provide my input and feedback on what I see is a fatal trend in America.

I know there are many good, conservative Americans who are considering (or who have already committed to) supporting Donald Trump. But what has alarmed me recently is that even close friends of mine have started to show interest in supporting Trump. I feel a need to lay out my thoughts on the subject in hopes that if this angle hasn’t been thought of before, or that if it has any merit, it will be something that may change hearts and minds. (And, if you feel it’s appropriate please feel free to pass on to others.) read more


Taxpayers Are Sliding Down the Budge Hill

by Maury JonesMauryJones2

The Budge Slide

First, a little cowboy poetry: “In Jackson Hole on a scenic spot the Budge family built their home, This was the place they chose to live, no more to ever roam. This hill was perfect for its panorama of scenic downtown Jackson, The home, the hill, the mountain views, gave them satisfaction. Then one fateful day a crack appeared inside their domicile, It gradually grew a bit each day, expanding all the while. ‘Til finally it was plain to see their family must get out, The home was doomed, sad to say, beyond any reasonable doubt. The fighting began over who it was had made such a fateful error, To cut the base of the hill below and cause their family terror. Each involved assured the folks that they were not at fault, “It must be paid by the other guy to make the sliding halt.” So government in its infinite wisdom as they so often do, Send the bill to the taxpayers to be shared by quite a few. The wrangling continues and will for months to find a final solution, But sure it is we all will pay with our involuntary contribution.” read more


Announcement re Twitter

“Twitter leadership announced an Orwellian ‘Trust and Safety Council,’ which is stacked with leftist anti-speech activists.”TwitterNot

Considering that Twitter is actively blocking or banning conservative accounts, thus squelching open dialog, and thus no longer a reliable source of communication, The Wyoming Net will delete its account with Twitter. All that follow The Wyoming Net on Twitter may choose to follow us on Facebook, our web site directly or subscribe to our newsletter. read more


CALL TO ACTION! – Amendment 25

From: Marti HalversonHalversonH22

CALL TO ACTION! – Amendment 25

I need you to activate your base this morning! We need emails sent to the House members.

There’s a budget amendment (Number 25) coming up today to the 2017-2018 Budget Bill, House Bill 1, that would ask almost 8,000 state employees to pay a little more for their health, dental and life insurance policies.

An example: With an annual deductible of only $350, a state employee electing single coverage for medical/dental pays only $122 per month. The state’s portion is over $900. read more



“Wyoming Citizens need to understand how crucial it is to kill this bill and act on it THIS WEEKEND!”

“As usual, there is a lot of in-depth info behind the bill and it is challenging to encapsulate it in a short summary. This is our best attempt to do just that – by giving you the short story as well as the longer story for those who prefer to know the necessary details. Whether you choose to read the short story, the long story, or both – please be sure to read page 4 on how to proactively move forward to KILL HB0079.” See document below… read more

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