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The Inquisition is Alive and Well in Wyoming

by Maury Jones “Jonesy”MauryJones2

The Wyoming Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics has petitioned the Wyoming Supreme Court to remove Ruth Neely from her positions as Municipal Court Judge and Circuit Court Magistrate. She has served Sublette County Wyoming for 21 years with nary a complaint filed against her. Her crime? Expressing her religious belief.

In 2014 a federal district court legalized same-sex marriage in Wyoming. Ned Donovan, reporting for the Sublette Examiner at the time, phoned Neely and “asked if she was excited to be able to start performing same-sex marriages.” Judge Neely, distracted at the time and therefore not giving this deliberate “gotcha” question much thought, answered “that her religious belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman precludes her from officiating at same-sex weddings.” Her answer ignited a firestorm accusing her of homophobia and refusing to obey the law. A recent news article said “she refuses to uphold her legal obligation to marry same-sex couples.” The Commission filing states Neely “refuses to follow the law.” The accusations are malicious and patently false. read more


Where’s The White-Out?

A few readers may remember Michael Nesmith, of the pop rock Monkees, 1960-70’s band, that captured the heart of the American public. Not only were their recordings hot, but their zany, situation comedy NBC, TV show, ran from 1966 to 1968, was equally captivating, joining Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, and Peter Tork. However, it was Nesmith’s mother, Bette Nesmith Graham, that left an “indelible mark” on the business world and millions of secretaries. Recent generations are clueless to “Mistake Out,” or “liquid paper.” Many of our generation used it at one time, albeit clumsily. There was nearly an art to using it. It rescued our typing miscues. She sold her first batch in 1956. Who couldn’t use a little “white out” sometime in life? read more


Some Solutions Elude Federal Bureaucrats

by Maury JonesMauryJones

Over a lifetime of dealing with federal land agents, I’ve come to the conclusion that their bureaucratic system discourages common sense.

At the White Creek trailhead, 20 miles up Greys River, there is a turnaround spot which is popular for camping in summer and fall. There is no outhouse there, and if nature calls you go into the bushes to do your duty. You bury yours, but others are not so considerate. The area is a health hazard and an eyesore. So I suggested to a Boy Scout that he approach the Forest Service (FS) about digging and constructing an outhouse as an Eagle Project. He was turned down because the FS said it wouldn’t meet government standards which required an Environmental Assessment, a cement reservoir, chemical treatment, and annual pumping. So a common-sense solution to a problem was nixed by government regulations. A simple wooden outhouse over the top of a 4’ wide by 6’ deep hole would have been adequate for many years. And it would solve a health hazard. Without the proposed outhouse a heavy rain washes bacteria and potential disease into the watershed. read more


Cody’s Controversial Curriculum Challenged

Sadly, in Park County, Wyoming, another teen has taken his life. Teen suicide is the second leading cause of death in Wyoming’s youth, a suicide rate twice the national average, according to the Wyoming Department of Health Report on Suicide, 2012. What are the causes? Do young people today have a positive and hopeful outlook on their future? We must examine not just the cause, but the major influence on their hearts and minds. Not merely the scabrous entertainment they are drawn to, but that which they read and absorb in school. read more


Discovering Joy In Transition

On this terre firma no one escapes it. In varying degrees, we’re all subject to it. Some embrace it, while others resist vigorously. It’s change! Someone rightly observed, “The only person who truly looks forward to change’s a baby with a wet diaper.” Change is part of the ebb and flow of life. From the natal, to our final passing. Resistance’s reminiscent of Don Quixote’s chivalrous, impractical tilting at windmills. Passing from one grade to another in school, though fraught with anxiety, most survive it. Before we know it, we’ve graduated. From engagement to matrimony, one recalls the myriad of changes. From single life to a new focus and adjustment. Once off-springs arrive, life’s never the same. Change is constantly afoot. That sortie into marital bliss, in retrospect, it’s best we didn’t know in advance how drastic change can be, and the associated joy, and cost. read more

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