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Jackson Hole is Fencing Out All Our Open Spaces

by Maury JonesMauryJones3

Jackson resident Floyd Johnson and I often try to one-up each other with a fish story. The other day he said, “Jonesy, I was fishing Stump Lake and I caught a cutthroat trout 24 inches long.” My kids and I have fished Stump Lake for decades and I know trout can’t possibly grow that large in that one-acre pond near Greys River. But, rather than argue with him, I changed the subject and said, “You remember when we fished Jenny Lake at night last summer and we accidently knocked that Coleman lantern overboard?” “Yes.” “Well, I was fishing Jenny the other day and I hooked that lantern— and the light was still lit.” Floyd pondered a moment and then said, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll knock ten inches off my fish if you’ll blow the light out of that lantern.” read more


Legitimate Fear

by Mike PyattMikePyatt

FDR, in his 1933, inaugural address, told Americans, “the only thing to fear is fear itself.” Not everyone has that steely resolve. The growing threat of Issis is ominous. Our Commander-in-Chief tells us “they are on the run.” Germany, Italy and victims of Orlando and San Bernardino, say otherwise. Surely he meant they’re running to kill us. There’s little solace in his hollow, vacuous assurances. Donald Trump’s acceptance speech in Cleveland was characterized by Democrats as “dark and fear mongering,” claiming he was pandering to our fears. Is there nothing to fear? Democrats-the party of Jackson-Andrew and Jesse. Still enslaving the downtrodden. read more


A Tea Partier’s Inside Look at the Republican PARTY

by Jeff HymasJeffHymas289

And what a PARTY it was! It feels like we went from one party to the next, but I guess that’s to be expected. In all fairness, it was a very nice trip and Cleveland was a very fine host. It felt like there were thousands of police officers shipped in from the region and although I was a little nervous at first about potential security issues, everything ran very smoothly and I never once felt threatened or insecure. Even the lines to get through the security tents were very efficient. read more


Why I Support Chuck Gray

By Michelle SabroskyMichelleSabrosky

Honesty and integrity are important to me, and that is why I happily support Chuck Gray in Wyoming’s House District 57 Republican primary.

Chuck is about as honest and forthcoming as a man can get, and his commitment to accountability has certainly caused some tsunami sized waves within the Natrona County, and Wyoming Republican Parties.  Sadly, it seems to many Republican Party insiders that “accountability” is a four letter word…

But Chuck has steadfastly stood his ground, defending his principles, the principles that the Republican Party is supposed to stand for, principles that voters assume are being held up by Republican Party leadership, and those elected under the Republican brand. read more


Turkey’s Upheaval-A Lesson?

by Mike PyattMikePyatt

The average Wyomingite cares about Turkey-at Thanksgiving. This week-end’s failed military coup to topple Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan, (pronounced air-doo-won) thrust Turkey (ancient Asia Minor) to the media forefront. Many world political leaders condemned the attempted coup, claiming that Erdogan has “constitutional authority,” and “duly elected.” Others in the U.S. dismissed that claim, maintaining he was not elected, as we understand it. Formerly Turkey’s Prime Minister, for a decade Erdogan helped expand the reach of the Islamic state, and precipitously dismantled Turkey’s Constitution through purging pro-secular parliament members in Ankara, in the high court, and ranking military, to advance his Islamist bent, loosening the “grip of secularism” that has been in place since 1926. Politicos are understandably focused on local Wyoming races, or the appointment of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as Trump’s running mate. Legitimately, some will ask, “What difference does Turkey make in our lives?” read more

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