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Wyoming weekly opinion columnist and author is available for public speaking engagements.

Mike Pyatt
Mike Pyatt

Natrona County resident, Mike Pyatt’s weekly opinion column is distributed through the Wyoming Press Association, to 43 Wyoming news outlets, as well as The Wyoming Net. Previously he contributed as a opinion columnist for the Glenrock Bird Newspaper, from 2007 to 2012. His 2014, fiction, April Fools’ Day in Vroostock, was featured in the New York Times, August, 2014, Sunday Book Review, published by AuthorHouse. He served as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Mary, and Indiana Wesleyan University, Schools of Professional Studies, BS/MBA external degree programs. Mike had a stint in law enforcement, at age 61, in Glenrock, Wyoming. Prior to his relocation to Wyoming in 1999, he spent his professional career in human resource management and consulting in the public and private sector in Indiana. In the mid 1980’s, he was at the forefront of the Crisis Pregnancy Center movement, forging the pro-life agenda in Central Indiana, helping establish multiple centers, vigorously debating and opposing Planned Parenthood, and its affiliates in the State of Indiana. read more


Cows Killed 4 Miles From Jackson

Two Angus cows have been killed by wolves not more than 4 miles from downtown Jackson, Wyoming.

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Cow killed by wolves Bar BC Jackson 23 Aug 2016.

One was found dead on the morning of Aug 23 on the Bar B-C Ranch, cow belonging to the Waltons.

The second found dead this morning, Aug 25, same pasture.

Investigation shows that approximately 20 wolves are in this pack, presumably from the five wolves who lived here all winter and their offspring born in May.

This location is 3 1/2 miles from downtown Jackson by google map, as the crow flies. Or rather, as the raven flies. When I went out to see the first cow yesterday afternoon, after it had been dead for a day and a half, three eagles flew off the carcass and about 20 ravens and some magpies. The bones were picked clean. read more


Perish The Thought

by Mike PyattMikePyatt

Ever had that nightmare moment? When you considered an event that has yet to happen, but the thought of it’s bone chilling. It may be our deepest, darkest hidden secret from our past being revealed. Like thirty-three thousand “deleted emails,” that reveals more than talk of “yoga and grandchildren.” With only three months to this year’s presidential voting, supporters on both sides of the isle are asking, “What if he or she is elected?” Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg vowed she’d move to New Zealand if Trump prevails. Many have offered to rent her a U-haul, and help pack her bags. She apologized, claiming she wasn’t serious. Too bad. Should Trump win, we could eliminate a segment of the Hollywood elite Left, and jump start the real estate boom in Tinsel Town. Even those on the “Never Trump” train may have a change of heart knowing that. It’s rumored some are investing heavily in North American Van Line’s stock. read more


A Disease Stalks the Yellowstone Ecosystem

by Maury JonesMauryJones3

A column in last week’s paper advocated killing Mountain Goats because they are expanding into the Teton Range and might spread disease which may infect our native bighorn sheep population. These goats may also compete for available habitat. According to the author, the threat appears to be serious enough that a whole specie which is not native to the region should be eradicated.

Disease always endangers life forms on planet earth. Whole populations of wildlife, domestic animals, and humans have been targeted by various diseases since the dawn of time. Government agencies are constantly working to control such threats. read more


Intersection of Freedom and Duty

by Mike PyattMikePyatt

It may shock the system of more recent generations, but freedom is not the liberty to do anything one desires. We’ve witnessed that in Baltimore. However, some have reasoned, if one isn’t free to choose wrongly or irresponsibly, one isn’t free. Thus the law of consequences. Without the rule of law, “the pursuit of happiness” may turn ugly. Some distortedly believe torching another’s neighborhood is in the realm of freedom. The notion of freedom came with a corresponding sense of responsibility. Consider a little known 100 year old document titled, “The American’s Creed.” A solemn reminder of not only our freedoms, but our duty. read more

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