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Shadow Boxing

One of the most memorable radio programs, in its’ heyday, was The Shadow Knows, a drama that began as a pulp magazine series, then graduated to radio in the early 1930’s. The principle character was Lamont Cranston, and his female companion, Margot Lane. He opened each drama with, “Who knows what lurks in the hearts of men…The Shadow knows.” He battled crime and evil doers with his hypnotic power to cloud men’s minds, rendering them unable to see him. Everyone knew it wasn’t his shadow, but the master sleuth behind it. It spanned nearly sixteen years on the air waves, until 1954, when it was turned into a TV drama. However, it never caught fire as the radio show had earlier. It was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1989. read more


The British Invade Casper

A familiar ring tone of an unexpected email on June 10, 2015, from British Broadcasting Corporation Television, brought an unanticipated opportunity. Andy Blackman, British born freelance journalist, representing the BBC, initially inquired if he could call your’s truly. Cautious and curious, the reply asked him, “I am curious how and why you contacted me. “ After exchanging numerous emails, we subsequently spoke three more times. Blackman’s email read, “We are planning on doing some filming when a crew pass through the area(Casper) and I was concerned that they should find a vox populi that are not the same kind of views we get when we film in the NY area. So I did a quick search and came across an article you wrote-and thought you might be the man to steer me in the right direction.” Any curious columnist would’ve had their interest piqued at that moment. read more


A Monumental Gamble!

The Wyoming Lottery Board, branded as WyoLotto, held its first meeting in Casper, July 13, 2013. As designed, many now chase that elusive dream of being “wealthy.” They did recently reveal the CEO’s salary, after initially resisting. He already got a pay hike. However, it’s not out of line with many other states. Some call the Lotto “recreational,” and claim to spend only a pittance. We do know that too many spend money they can ill afford. That’s the purported unintended consequence. The narrative is that “if you have a gambling problem,” call the hotline. Ever wonder how many do? And who wants to admit that? Perhaps not until it’s too late. We have the liberty to be stupid at times. read more


Own The Property, Own The Right

By Bradley Harrington

“The right to agree with others is not a problem in any society; it is the right to disagree that is crucial. It is the institution of private property that protects and implements the right to disagree.” – Ayn Rand, “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal,” 1966 –

One problem with political debate today is that it is poisoned by the ideas of those who support overly involved government (statists). Thus, one has to wipe away preset notions before proper grasp of an issue is possible. read more

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