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Cheyenne Insanity

What planet do some of these Representatives and Senators come from? Along with the governor they tried to strip the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (SPI) ability to do the job the voters elected that person to do in 2013, and 22,000 Wyomingites signed a petition to keep it an elected position, the Wyoming Supreme Court ruled the debacle SF-104 unconstitutional, and here we are again with HJ-2 and SJ-5 calling to amend the constitution to eliminate the SPI as an elected official by the people. read more


The Republic, What is it?

One of the most important (if not the single most important) things to make people aware of when dealing with restoring the Republic is the understanding that the Republic is not a place or a time. It is the nation that enforces the Constitution for the United States of America.

  • On the junk heap of history we find governments, not nations.
  • Nazi Germany is gone. Germany is not.
  • Imperial Japan is gone. Japan is still there.
  • Mesopotamia is gone but Iraq and Iran are still there.

The thing we call “The Republic” is not dirt and rocks and mountain. It is not the people who founded it. (They are all dead now)  It is not the people alive now. They will be gone in a few years. The Republic is a body-politic of people who ENFORCE the Constitution. read more


Republican Congressmen Sell Out Voters and Support John Boehner!

“If we want to win back our nation, then we have to stop electing these soft, spineless, pseudo-conservatives and start electing people who will stand by their principles and vote their convictions. It’s easy to talk a good game, as Loudermilk, Hice and others have shown us. Now let’s find some conservatives who will practice what they preach.

No more cowardly conservatives, America. We need conservatives with guts.”

Read more at read more


Tax and More Tax

As if the state taxing us more for our gasoline, Natrona County wants to continue their pork barrel projects by continuing the 1% Sales Tax. And these politicians will claim all of your hard earned tax money goes for great causes. Really? The simple truth is by adding the 1% sales tax just frees up an equal amount of money in the general fund so the politicians can spend even more of your money. Think about this for a moment, how did Natrona County survive before this tax? The citizens did just fine! read more

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