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Good, Bad, and the Guilty

As I sit, clad only in my underwear, in front of my laptop, in the wee small hours of the morning, it occurs to me that Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau is guilty of many sins, among them bearing false witness. Last session Speaker Lubnau accused his colleagues in the State House of Representatives  who refused to join in the passage of SF 104 (the Cindy Hill Bill) of violating their oath of office. This was a most serious accusation because the Wyoming Constitution provides that “…any person who shall be convicted of having sworn or affirmed falsely, or having violated said oath or affirmation, shall be guilty of perjury, and be forever disqualified from holding any office of trust or profit within this state.”  As it turns out, those colleagues who had the fortitude and sense of honor sufficient to stand up against the likes of Speaker Lubnau, Senate President Tony Ross, Senators Hank Coe and Phil Nicholas, Representative Matt Teeters and Governor Matt Mead are the only ones who can legitimately plead not guilty to that charge. read more


Whose kids are they, anyway?

“When you put your children on the school bus each morning, how do you perceive your level of control over the “system” that exists to help you educate them? Your answer is actually crucial to determining the future of education.”

“… how is it that school boards are dysfunctional if they are simply doing what the legislature and Department of Education have been telling them they have to do?”

A very good article and a must read: read more


And The Beat Goes On

It’s incredibly sad that this is happening right here in Wyoming. Tom Lubnau, Matt Mead and their cronies are still trying to come up with something, anything, that they can justify spending over $1 million of our money to “create” evidence against Cindy Hill. That’s right! ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Read the full story here:


George Soros and his Push for a Con Con

“That’s right. George Soros — the
GeorgeSorosfinancier of global fascism — is
pumping millions of dollars into the same Article V campaign that is being promoted by Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and other popular conservative spokesmen.”

“This should be enough to convince all true conservatives, constitutionalists, and friends of liberty to run headlong away from the ranks of the Article V con-con army, regardless of how popular and persuasive their generals may be.” read more


Is a Con-Con Something to Worry About?

“Back in 1911, the South Dakota Legislature was 87% Republican. They ratified the 16th Amendment, and now we have the modern income tax. In 1913, the Legislature was 85% Republican. They ratified the 17th Amendment which gave the feds freedom to trample state government power. In 1918, the Legislature was 83% Republican and it ratified the 18th Amendment (prohibition of alcohol). Now we are told not to worry—no bad amendment from an Article Five Convention would stand a chance of being ratified by 3/4 of the state legislatures. Besides, 28 of them are controlled by Republicans, and they would never ratify Progressive or simply bad amendments. But history gives ample reason for concern.” read more

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