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Breaking: Rep. Tom Lockhart Violates WY Constitution

WY State Rep. Tom Lockhart Violates WY Constitution

7-term Republican paid over $1million by coal company while sponsoring and voting on bills that benefit the company directly



Send this to every WY email contact, post to Facebook pages, Twitter, etc!

TIME IS CRUCIAL to affect the Aug 19th primaries!!!!!!!

The targets for this exposure are registered voters in Natrona County House District 57

Publicly available documents reveal potential corruption in actions of House District 57 State Representative Tom Lockhart. read more


The Hidden Tax

The cost to the American people of hidden taxes within government regulations is staggering! Congress continues to abdicate their authority to unelected bureaucrats in several federal agencies forcing businesses to pay for compliance. In the end, the consumer is left holding the bag for these compliance costs.

And we see local politicians adding to this big government scheme by adding their own regulations. Wyoming is seeing this happen right before our eyes. Wyoming politicians continue to spend, spend, and spend some more. They claim they had to raise gasoline taxes to pay for roads and associated infrastructure instead of budgeting wisely. The governor claims to have saved us money yet appoints an education czar at $205,000 salary, more than twice than what the Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) is paid, and keep in mind the SPI was still receiving her salary too. And this is not to mention the cost of his witch hunt over the SPI position costing the taxpayer over $2 MILLION. read more

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