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Wyoming Governor’s Race – Mark Gordon

Wyoming Governor’s Race – an objective look at the main candidates.

This is the first of four articles I will write in sequence, commenting first on Mark Gordon (below), then Sam Galeotos, then Foster Friess (with a brief comment on Taylor Haynes) and last, Harriet Hageman.

My wife and I are dedicated supporters of Harriet Hageman. Our personal regard for her does not enter into our evaluation of her opponents’ candidacies or hers. We look at record and policy, leaving out personal feelings. read more


A Missed Chance?

“While the state found the ranch’s house lies in Colorado, Pearce said the property should still qualify as a Wyoming residence, even though Haynes does not use the property as his primary residence.”* Really!? So, Haynes’ attorney, an officer of the court, acknowledges the property is in Colorado yet opines we should ignore state lines and legal jurisdictions.

Let’s see how this plays out. If the court rules in favor of Haynes’ attorney’s argument: then a Mexican who came to America illegally, his residence is in Mexico that he is not using as his primary abode, claims he lives in Wyoming because he has a mailing address in Wyoming, therefore the illegal alien becomes a bonafide Wyomingite and could run for public office. read more


Sam and Mark, Who Are They Really?

Here is a link to an informative website that lays out the FACTS and TRUTH about two candidates running for Wyoming governor. Link:

It is important that you do not dismiss the website’s content as “negative campaigning”. Facts are facts, and truth, as hard it is at times to accept, is still the truth.

Sam Galeotos and Mark Gordon are not what they represent themselves to be.

Be sure to review the supporting documentation provided at the end of each of the articles. The links can be found right after, “If you would like to learn more, sources can be viewed”. read more


Hageman Interview: Solid Supporter of Fossil Fuel Families

Energy is the industry that powers every other industry. While there are many issues that challenge our state currently, the support of energy is a critical issue for me. This issue sits at the top of many Wyoming families hierarchy of needs. Coal, oil, and gas truly are the back bone of our society. Energy is the difference between poverty-stricken areas where manual labor is the only option. Revolutionized societies with coal, oil, and gas operating machinery, provide comfort. This is indeed a society where people live to their fullest potential. All our advances are made possible through a machine labor civilization, driven by fossil fuels. Our energy must remain affordable, plentiful, and reliable. When the energy industry is running at full potential food is more affordable, clothing plentiful, housing is better, and even medicine is impacted. read more

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