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Your Liberties Disappear Thanks To Spineless GOP

By Bradley Harrington

“If you penny-loafer conservatives – you slaves in splendor – ever had the courage of a housecat, we’d have a free America today … Our vile ‘leaders’ are not the real enemy. You are.” ~ Kenneth Royce, “Boston’s Gun Bible,” 2009 edition

For anyone laboring under the delusion that most “conservative” Republicans in Wyoming have ever been anything other than a scared school of spineless jellyfish, that foolishness has now been blown sky high: read more


Cheyenne Insanity

What planet do some of these Representatives and Senators come from? Along with the governor they tried to strip the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (SPI) ability to do the job the voters elected that person to do in 2013, and 22,000 Wyomingites signed a petition to keep it an elected position, the Wyoming Supreme Court ruled the debacle SF-104 unconstitutional, and here we are again with HJ-2 and SJ-5 calling to amend the constitution to eliminate the SPI as an elected official by the people. read more


Republican Congressmen Sell Out Voters and Support John Boehner!

“If we want to win back our nation, then we have to stop electing these soft, spineless, pseudo-conservatives and start electing people who will stand by their principles and vote their convictions. It’s easy to talk a good game, as Loudermilk, Hice and others have shown us. Now let’s find some conservatives who will practice what they preach.

No more cowardly conservatives, America. We need conservatives with guts.”

Read more at read more


Lack of Leadership and Moral Compass

Unbelievable! Yet another demonstration of a total lack of leadership and moral compass.

“Rep. Harshman should have scolded all involved for participating in a skit, that if performed by students, would have been cause for suspension or expulsion; as well as not being good stewards with the taxpayers’ money. -As this took place in the tax payer funded NCHS gymnasium, and all faculty was being paid to attend this meeting-.”

Read the full article here.

$18,000 plus per student per year, and this is what we get. Proof positive that money doesn’t make students smarter, nor teachers and faculty! read more


Does Your Vote Count Anymore?

With the stroke of their pens and their votes, six members of Casper’s City Council have thwarted the power inherent in the people by trifling with their vote.  As of September 2nd, these six elected officials have permanently changed the Procedures for Removal or Censor of Public Officials (Chapter 2.64 of the Casper Municipal Code)[1] such that, “Any City councilman may be removed from office, for cause, by a vote of a two-thirds majority of all members of the City Council…” (City of Casper, Wyoming Ordinance No. 22-14, Section 3, Part B) read more

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