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One Mom’s Opinion

“I’m not bashing public school teachers here. Teachers are just as innocent in this new garbage as the students are. Many of them are BAFFLED at the changes that have come down. What’s going on isn’t new.. Outcomes Based Education has been a problem for YEARS. What’s new is it’s name?

Common Core State Standards.” …

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Letter to Lubnau

July 9, 2013

Speaker Tom Lubnau
Wyoming House of Representatives Wyoming Capitol
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Dear Mr. Lubnau:

I am in receipt of your letter dated July 8 but I am not comforted by it. Notwithstanding your claim that SF 104 was motivated by an effort to organize the Department of Education that had “not been well organized for at least 30 years,” I continue to believe it was personally directed at me. A considerable portion of the debate in both chambers and certainly the public debate across the state focuses on me personally. Indeed the MacPherson investigation was motivated by statements attributed to you during the SF 104 debate that it was your “duty” to investigate the claims of WDE employees, thus forever tying the two issues together. read more

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