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CALL TO ACTION! – Amendment 25

From: Marti HalversonHalversonH22

CALL TO ACTION! – Amendment 25

I need you to activate your base this morning! We need emails sent to the House members.

There’s a budget amendment (Number 25) coming up today to the 2017-2018 Budget Bill, House Bill 1, that would ask almost 8,000 state employees to pay a little more for their health, dental and life insurance policies.

An example: With an annual deductible of only $350, a state employee electing single coverage for medical/dental pays only $122 per month. The state’s portion is over $900. read more



“Wyoming Citizens need to understand how crucial it is to kill this bill and act on it THIS WEEKEND!”

“As usual, there is a lot of in-depth info behind the bill and it is challenging to encapsulate it in a short summary. This is our best attempt to do just that – by giving you the short story as well as the longer story for those who prefer to know the necessary details. Whether you choose to read the short story, the long story, or both – please be sure to read page 4 on how to proactively move forward to KILL HB0079.” See document below… read more


Spending at a Rate of $1M per Minute

by Jeff HymasJeffHymas289

Last week I was surprised by two statements. First, a prominent conservative business leader in our community told me, “Medicaid expansion is fiscally responsible because, after all, it’s free.” Second, Governor Mead in the State of the State address said at least three different times, “Wyoming federal taxpayer dollars are being left on the table and sent to other states.” Let’s analyze these statements from a global, national, state and local level.

The global wealth of the world is estimated at $180T. The unfunded liabilities of the U.S. (chiefly Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security) are estimated at $200T. In order to keep pace with paying for these entitlements and discretionary spending – like defense – the U.S. is borrowing $582B per year. When you do the simple math this breaks down to $1M per minute. Just to be sure you caught that, the United States is spending more than it takes in at a rate of one million dollars per minute! This isn’t a Republican/Democrat issue. It’s an American issue. The non-partisan, justifiably supported opinion of most people in Wyoming and in Teton County is that our federal government is simply out of control. read more


Government is Spending Like a Drunken Sailor

by Maury JonesMauryJones2

Two young cowboys decided to start a business selling hay. They bought hay from local farmers for $100 per ton, loaded it on their truck, then hauled it to buyers and sold it for $100 per ton. After selling a few loads of hay, Clem said to Zeke, “These figures aren’t adding up. We buy three tons of hay for $300, load it and haul it, then sell it for $300. We have gas expense and time involved. We aren’t making money.” Zeke looked at the figures and then said, “Yeah. We’ve got to get a bigger truck.” read more


Thoughts on the Upcoming 2016 Legislative Session

by Representative Allen JaggiAllenJaggi


The Wyoming Legislature is about ready to start its 20-day budget session. The budget session has always been a disappointment for me. The reasons are time and money. Only one day is used to explain the approximately $3 billion that is proposed to be spent by the governor first then JAC. The requests that do detail the budget proposals come in thousands of pages of agency requests. It is more than can be understood without questioning many of the requests. Legislative leadership always says we can ask questions as long as we want. But we are given one day to ask questions, but by 7:00 p.m., after 8+ hours of debate, it is more than one can absorb. After we adjourn, some legislators still have committee meetings to attend, along with agency heads, staff and members of the public who have been patiently waiting. Is one day enough time to really understand all the funding needs of all agencies, cities and counties, education, etc.? Is it fair to citizens who are trying to follow the budget discussion? read more

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