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Cheyenne Insanity

What planet do some of these Representatives and Senators come from? Along with the governor they tried to strip the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (SPI) ability to do the job the voters elected that person to do in 2013, and 22,000 Wyomingites signed a petition to keep it an elected position, the Wyoming Supreme Court ruled the debacle SF-104 unconstitutional, and here we are again with HJ-2 and SJ-5 calling to amend the constitution to eliminate the SPI as an elected official by the people. read more


Vote NO on HB-23

“In reading the entire NGSS document, suspicions are confirmed that these national programs are merely the latest pipe dreams of the ‘Educational Industrial Complex’. This becomes remarkably clear when we evaluate the NGSS in terms of the influences of the ‘social’ (soft) sciences. Quantitative analysis is often seen as being too limiting or restrictive, while impressions, opinions and the ever-present ‘feelings’ are much more ‘human’ and ‘social’.” ~ J. Nations

Jim Nations provides a very good analysis of the dangers of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and why it should not be adopted, or more specifically, to oppose HB-23. read more

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