Groping For Answers in Wyoming

by Mike Pyatt

Mike Pyatt

The recent allegation against Wyoming’s Secretary of State Ed Murray, considering the onslaught from #Me Too campaign, surprised few. Murray vehemently denied the allegations from thirty-fives years ago. His accuser evidently has a renewed interest in making the details public, after discussing it with her seventeen year old daughter, who reportedly pressed mom to tell her story. Tatiana Maxwell insists her allegations aren’t politically motivated. The alleged sexual assault happened, she maintains, when she was an eighteen year old intern at a law firm in Cheyenne in the 1982. When she was reached by phone by the Denver Post, Maxwell said, “This supersedes politics, because it affects women across the spectrum,” she continued, “It’s about standing up for ourselves and younger women who followed us.” Though she insisted it wasn’t a comfortable thing to discuss, she used graphic details to outline that incident, that “horrified and disgusted” her. According to a CST article, Maxwell had donated nearly $73,000 dollars to Democratic organizations in Wyoming, Colorado and nationally since 1998. She claimed she was unaware Murray had considered a gubernatorial run. Murray said, “I struggle to understand what would motivate someone to make this kind of accusation.” If it’s true, did Maxwell have amnesia? If it’s untrue, how does Murray refute it? Was she swayed by the recent allegations against men across the nation? Is it assassination by accusation? read more

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