Is a Con-Con Something to Worry About?

“Back in 1911, the South Dakota Legislature was 87% Republican. They ratified the 16th Amendment, and now we have the modern income tax. In 1913, the Legislature was 85% Republican. They ratified the 17th Amendment which gave the feds freedom to trample state government power. In 1918, the Legislature was 83% Republican and it ratified the 18th Amendment (prohibition of alcohol). Now we are told not to worry—no bad amendment from an Article Five Convention would stand a chance of being ratified by 3/4 of the state legislatures. Besides, 28 of them are controlled by Republicans, and they would never ratify Progressive or simply bad amendments. But history gives ample reason for concern.” read more


Wyoming RINOs Continue Mocking State Constitution And Law

“… assaults on the American ideal are neither confined to Washington nor to the Democrat Party. In Wyoming, a festering governmental atrocity spawned in the early days of last year’s legislative session proceeds on its sordid course. Despite vehement protests from the Wyoming people, certain arrogant and detached legislators continue to violate the spirit of the Wyoming Constitution and prove that they do not consider themselves accountable to the law, but believe they can remake it on the fly as they see fit. If their despicable actions are allowed to go unchecked, they will have indeed established themselves as an elite ‘ruling class.’” read more


Memo from Cindy Hill

How are things going with the investigative committee?” Although I have not been permitted to be as involved in the work of the committee as I had hoped, I want to share the information that I do have. To that end, I have outlined a few questions that I am commonly asked, followed by information I have related to each of those questions.

For your information, I am also attaching copies of all my correspondence related to this investigation. I hope this will help you understand what has been going on and will be used as reference as you discuss this work with fellow legislators and respond to questions from constituents. read more



by Addie Blake

Mexicos’ Foreign Ministry released a comic book in 2004. They called it A Guide for the Mexican Migrant. It is a detailed how-to manual for illegal aliens. It includes (a) safe ways to cross Mexicos’ northern border illegally, (b) a primer of illegal aliens rights in the U.S. and (c) advice on living illegally under the radar in the U.S. It lists 22 Mexican Consulate locations and phone numbers in the U.S. and contact numbers for 23 U.S. major cities, Atlanta and other large cities. Mexican Consulates in the U.S. provide a matricula consular ID card as documentation for applicants. Among other things, the matricula card can be used to board a plane in the U.S. By January 2005, according to the Mexico City newspaper Universal, 4.5 million Mexicans had matricula consular IDs that were accepted in 386 cities, 164 counties and 338 financial institutions in the U.S. and Mexicos’ stated goal was to have issued 6 million by that years end. In 2005, ten states in the U.S. accepted the matricula consular as valid ID for issuing an American drivers license to replace the matricula as ID.  Matriculas are so easy to get, it’s common for American police to see individuals that have several of them in different names.    This tells the American people exactly why there is such a huge illegal alien problem in the United States. read more

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