Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013

“… Sen. John McCain, however, who seems to feel it’s the duty of the federal government to ensure your local cable and satellite providers don’t bundle channels you watch with channels you avoid. On May 9, Sen. McCain introduced the ‘Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013’ (S.912), which would require multichannel video programming distributors to offer individual television channels on an ‘a la carte’ basis.”

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Teachers’ Letters to Bill Gates

“In A Brief Audit of Bill Gates’ Common Core Spending, Schneider argues that “CCSS (Common Core State Standards) is not ‘state led.’ It is ‘Gates led,’” and she provides evidence to show that “the four organizations primarily responsible for CCSS– NGA (National Governors Association), CCSSO (Council for Chief State School Officers), Achieve, and David Coleman’s Student Achievement Partners– have taken $147.9 million” from you.” …

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