Could A Genuine Conservative Vote for Democrat Throne?

by Mike Pyatt

Mike Pyatt

Before my Conservative friends call for my lynching, hear me out before you conclude the cheese has slipped off my cracker.

One can likely hear Rex Rammell screeching in the background, “What about me?” The Rock Springs Constitutionalist veterinarian has a valid argument. Despite his pugnacious style, his stance on Wyoming controlling federal lands, and unshakeable pro-life position, is attractive to many liberty minded voters. Before switching to the Constitutional Party, he alleged that the Republican Party was planning to undermine its own nominee, Mark Gordon. State GOP Party chairman was quoted by the CST, “I don’t have any knowledge of it,” he said. “The Party is going to stand by the primary winners. Period.” In a recent interview with Glen Woods on KGAB radio, Rammell explained his rationale for switching to the Constitutional Party, and maintains that he could launch a strong run against Gordon. If the election was based on swagger, he’d be a shoo-in. Many conservative like his ideas, but are leery of his “bull-in-a-China shop” style. read more


A Missed Chance?

“While the state found the ranch’s house lies in Colorado, Pearce said the property should still qualify as a Wyoming residence, even though Haynes does not use the property as his primary residence.”* Really!? So, Haynes’ attorney, an officer of the court, acknowledges the property is in Colorado yet opines we should ignore state lines and legal jurisdictions.

Let’s see how this plays out. If the court rules in favor of Haynes’ attorney’s argument: then a Mexican who came to America illegally, his residence is in Mexico that he is not using as his primary abode, claims he lives in Wyoming because he has a mailing address in Wyoming, therefore the illegal alien becomes a bonafide Wyomingite and could run for public office. read more


At the WFC 2014

At the Wyoming Freedom Conference 2014

Two speakers at the Wyoming Freedom Conference, Taylor Haynes and spokesman for Cindy Hill. A difference in style of addressing the audience. In my opinion, Taylor was thoughtful and addressed all the questions posed. He did not bash or bad-mouth any other candidate. Ku-dos for Taylor. Cindy’s spokesman addressed questions from the audience, however, for his initial presentation he continued to bash Matt Mead. Ok, he is certainly free to do so, yet this writer’s opinion, it lacks style or grace. read more

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