Category: <span>Legislation</span>

Category: Legislation

Wyoming RINO Curses Out Colleague for Forcing Vote Against Biden’s Injection Mandate

~Source: Horowitz: Wyoming RINO curses out colleague for forcing vote against Biden’s injection mandate Daniel Horowitz In the state of New Jersey, a truck driver was able to defeat the most powerful man in the legislature, running against COVID fascism with an ad shot on his iPhone. In Wyoming, …


Hypocrisy in the Legislature, Republican Party, and Media

The Disputation on the Hypocrisy and 
Unprofessionalism of Wyoming Legislators and the Wyoming and County Republican Parties. For social media debate on October 31st, 2021 for as long as so needed to correct this atrocious behavior. Out of love and zeal for truth and the desire to bring it to …


Special Session Update

Greetings WY Patriots, They say session will likely last through Wednesday of next week. The House has it whittled down to two bills now, HB1001 and HB1002 (3rd Reading tomorrow on both).  The Senate has it whittled down to 1 – 3 bills, but it depends on how you’re counting: …


Who does Pat Sweeney represent?

Well that’s a good question. A constituent of Sweeney called him today asking about the Biden administration’s unconstitutional overreach of mandating forced vaccination of workers. And would he be in favor of a special session of the legislature to enact legislation protecting all Wyomingites. Sweeney right at the start of …

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