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Gun Control…The True Story of Innocents Betrayed

Governments have historically deprived people of firearms … and then wiped them from the face of the earth.

This is the true story of Gun control from around the world, especially in the 20th century. It details how governments have ALWAYS BEEN the biggest threat to the safety, security and prosperity of the people. While Americans can see how this could happen in other countries, most can’t EVER imaging it being able to happen here because there are so many rights guaranteed by the constitution. But that ONLY when the people STAND UP for those rights, because it’s the nature of government to constantly try and TAKE them away from us. read more

HB0066 Died on 3rd Reading in the Senate Today

Lodging Tax Bill HB0066 Died on Third Reading in the Senate Today (Feb 25, 2019)
by Brenda Mongold

That was close. There were a lot of great arguments against this bill, several angles on which it could have been argued – and were. Here is the angle I took:

Appropriations for the Wyoming Tourism Board, figures taken from every Budget bill and Supplemental Appropriations bill, from 2001 to 2019 add up to $398,347,220.  I spent a great portion of my weekend trying to find audits, evaluations, summaries, reports or any document that shows accountability for this significant amount of funds that the Wyoming Tourism Board is appropriated and that the Wyoming Office of Tourism spends.  I have not found a single document that accounts for the receiving and expending of these funds. read more

Hide Your Wallets

by Ed Cassidy

I sent this to all of them. Opposite ends of the same predatory bird. Ed

Dear Representatives and Senators, after reading this op-ed I pondered how once again the Wyoming Legislature can try to inflict the costs of their fiscal irresponsibility on the taxpayers. Of course, that’s rhetorical as I am fully aware of how politicians of all stripes are quite willing to spend other peoples money to keep them in office. I hope there are enough decent people in the legislature to put a stop to this madness. Do as the rest of us who don’t have the power to legally steal from others do. When your expenses exceed your income you cut your expenses. The disdain the legislature has for us is palpable from keeping us disarmed in your presence with so called gun fee zones, to making finding your emails as cumersome as possible, to exempting lawyers from your service tax scheme. Seriously? You are becoming Washington D.C. writ small. Every year I dread the start of the legislative session knowing some new madness awaits. I have no hope that you will pay any attention to emails or letters and a friend once said that no one goes into politics to leave other people alone, but I ask you politely, how about for once, leaving us alone? Ed Cassidy Laramie read more

Wyoming Legislators Want State to De-Risk Investments by Holding Gold and Silver

Cheyenne, Wyoming (January 17, 2019) – A group of Wyoming legislators have introduced three bills this week to de-risk the state’s financial holdings with modest allocations to physical gold and silver in the state’s pension fund, reserve fund, and mineral trust fund.

Introduced by Representative Roy Edwards (R-Gillette) and co-sponsored by 15 others, the Wyoming Sound Money Trust Act (HB 174) empowers the State Treasurer to hold at least 10% of the Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund in the monetary metals in a depository in or near the state of Wyoming. read more

Should Tax Dollars go to Those Who Refuse to Work?

“Do you support your tax dollars going to able-bodied men and women who refuse to work at least part-time in order to receive Medicaid benefits?

“We don’t either.

Pat Sweeney

“But your state representative Pat Sweeney does.

“Call Rep. Pat Sweeney at 259-2145 and let him know what you think.”

~ Natrona County Campaign For Liberty, Facebook


Rep. Sweeney is also Anti-Life, and when he ran in 2016, he received an F rating from the NRA, and has scored lower than some Democrats on the Principles of Liberty score card two years in a row. read more

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