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The Physics of Liberty

If one spends significant time in the trenches of liberty, one necessarily is forced to grapple with this penetrating question, “Is liberty self-perpetuating?” Does individual liberty continue without an external force? What if one or two generations ignore the principles of liberty? What happens? How long would it take for …


Hijacked Racist Monologue

Class envy and division. A Democrat staple. By traditional standards LeBron James is a privileged nearly billionaire elite. But his blackness cancels the “privileged” moniker. Joe Biden is stoking the embers of “systemic racism” with his recent comments on the “Tulsa Massacre” one-hundred years ago, “Some injustices are so heinous, …


On Outliers and Liars

Many of us have been told at onetime or another, that we just didn’t fit in a group. It may have been in high school. Cliques. Jocks v. the nerds. Mean girls. Others discovered belatedly they didn’t fit into a specific culture. According to a CNBC 2019, article “Inside Facebook’s …


Critical Race Theory Curriculum in K-12 Schools

State Superintendent Jillian Balow’s Statement on Proposed U.S. Department of Education Rule Prioritizing Critical Race Theory Curriculum in K-12 Schools “CHEYENNE – The U.S. Department of Education has proposed priorities for American History and Civics Education grant programs published in the Federal Register. Those priorities include encouraging districts to use …

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