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Cheyenne’s “Economic Development Officer” Position Needs the Axe

By Bradley Harrington

Brad Harrington

“Growth requires four ingredients: Domestic private investment, sound money, private property and free markets.” — Mark Thorton, “The Ingredients of Economic Growth,” 2014 —

Since we’ve been discussing the “economic development” racket for the last few rants, what better place to land next than the City of Cheyenne’s own schemes in this arena?

And, trust me, when it comes to “economic development” and just how you should be taking care of your property, the city’s got plenty of schemes up its sleeves. read more


Assessor’s Office and Property Taxes


We recently had our home appraised, and the appraiser was shocked when the appraisal came in $150,000 below the assessed value of our home! If that sounds like a big leap, imagine the property owner who contested his assessment last spring and again at the hearing in October whose property was appraised for $31,000 and assessed at almost $800,000!

When it got down to $100,000, the Assessor’s Office acted like he should be grateful! Not one employee of the County Assessor’s office came to his (or anyone else who was at the hearing) defense including the current Assessor, who was at the time Deputy Assessor. read more


ICC Monopoly and Lawsuits

The reader must understand that by adopting ICC “copyrighted” material prevents the copying and dissemination of this material even though it becomes part of law or regulation that effects citizens. It begs the question, if citizens cannot use ignorance of the law as an excuse for violating them, just how can a citizen know, research, and understand these laws and regulations? Politicians and bureaucrats will tell you that you can visit their offices during open hours, or in some cases, the local library. Really! Why not just have it all on their websites for everyone to see? Well, they won’t, and can’t, because the material they make reference to is copyrighted. read more


Local International Code Council History

Let’s take a short walk down memory lane, to the 2013 era, where we will find that the International Code Council (ICC) is not a new thing to Wyoming and Casper. Read the PDF article (below) and see how the ICC has been infecting all of Wyoming with the help of Mr. Brown. Note this guy is from Gillette. The article is dated when our city manager was City Administrator in Gillette.

Casper City Manager, J (James) Carter Napier is DEEP in this agenda. When he was serving as City Administrator in Gillette (he resigned there so he could work in Casper), in 2015 the ICC Proposed to offer a High School Technical Training Program there. Also, Carter used to serve as intern to the City Manager in Longview, WA. who also has adopted the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). read more


Austin Code Compliance Executes an Illegal Search Warrant – Part 1

This video is shocking.

This is the video from one of four surveillance cameras, and is edited to follow the code investigators.

On April 13th, Austin Code Compliance executed a search warrant at a residential property in East Austin. The warrant was issued based on two suspected violations: that a tool shed was 6 inches too close to the neighbor’s fence, and that a detached structure might be too tall. Both violations were in the backyard. Both were in compliance based on communication with city zone reviewers. read more

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