Category: <span>Education</span>

Category: Education

The Meaning of Rights

“For those who do not understand the meaning of ‘Rights’, we need to make it clear once and for all: The 2nd Amendment does not apply to semi-auto rifles, nor does it apply to bolt action rifles, pistols, or revolvers. The 2nd Amendment RESTRICTS GOVERNMENT. The technology of the firearm …


Does Marijuana Help or Harm?

What’s Wrong with Marijuana? Dr. Drew PinskyDr. Drew Pinsky “Millions of Americans believe marijuana relieves pain, reduces anxiety, improves your mood, and has no side effects. Are they right? Dr. Drew Pinsky, physician, addiction medicine specialist, and media personality, answers this question.” ~ Source Click the link below to watch …


When Moral Compasses Stop Pointing True North

A battle rages in Natrona County over the NCSD Board of Trustee’s failure to condemn two books, “Gender Queer” and “Trans Body” that have been characterized as pornographic, yet defended by the school librarian. Removal of these books is still hotly debated. Some parents who still have a functioning moral …

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