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Category: <span>Editorial</span>

Category: Editorial

Does Election Integrity Matter?

This past spring the Wyoming Republican Party held County and State Conventions. One county decided rules don’t matter. Their convention was very short and bypassed all the normal work of the convention such as proposed platform and bylaw changes and resolutions to be submitted to the state. They also decided …


Making Every Second Count

Nearly from childhood, we mortals are encouraged, even coerced, with few exceptions, to think longterm. Save your money for a rainy day. Keep your marks up in school so you can attend university. Snag a stable job with long-term benefits-chance for advancement. Stable advice. And, at the right time, find …


High Cost of Political Myopia

Having recently experienced cataract removal, your’s truly understands poor vision. Left unattended, some optical maladies end in blindness. Worse are those, with eyes, who won’t see. That old bromide, “There are none so blind as those who will not see,” is an epigram traced back to English writer John Heywood, …


Reluctantly Convinced

When mortals are confronted with a turbulent sea of doubt, we tend to look around to see if anyone else shares our reluctance. This appears to be true after a deep dive into examining Christianity. It appears that in many instances, reluctance preceded unshakeable faith. It has, in fact, found …

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