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Mugged By the Judiciary

by Mike Pyatt

Mike Pyatt

A Michigan mother faces incarceration for not vaccinating her nine-year old son. Rebecca Bredow says she’d rather face jail time than vaccinate her son. “I would rather sit behind bars standing up for what I believe in, than giving in to something I strongly don’t believe in,” she commented in an ABC news interview. This isn’t the first legal battle over parental rights and the courts. Some states “grant” religious, medical and personal exemptions. However, this battle started when her ex-husband took her to court to settle the matter over their son. She apparently changed her mind about vaccinations after doing research, and asked for a waiver. The Oakland County Court sided with her ex, who’s demanding the child be vaccinated. Is this a liberty issue? Or another judiciary mugging? She has but a few days to choose; to fully vaccinate her son, or the hoosegow? When did the courts find the hubris to assail our liberties? To whom do children belong? Did it begin before the abdication of Congress? read more

Can The Judicial Beast Be Tamed?

by Mike Pyatt

Mike Pyatt

Last week the 4th Circuit Court ignored the D.C. Heller Case, that went to the Supreme Court, upholding our Second Amendment right, and upheld Maryland’s ban on so-called “assault style weapons.” The majority naively claimed that since the semi-automatic AR-15 looked like the M16, military fully automatic rifle used in wartime, they were “dangerous and unusual,” therefore, they don’t meet the threshold of Second Amendment protection in a 10 to 4 ruling. Citizens shouldn’t have access, they ruled. It’s clear that the majority don’t understand how an AR-15 works.This ruling will undoubtedly go to the Supreme Court. Pray Neil Gorsuch dons his robe soon.If the current eight justices split, it goes back to the of the 4th Circuit ruling.Elections have consequences. Imagine if Hillary Clinton was elected President. We’d have no Gorsuch. No chance to restrain the high court. read more

The Inquisition is Alive and Well in Wyoming

by Maury Jones “Jonesy”MauryJones2

The Wyoming Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics has petitioned the Wyoming Supreme Court to remove Ruth Neely from her positions as Municipal Court Judge and Circuit Court Magistrate. She has served Sublette County Wyoming for 21 years with nary a complaint filed against her. Her crime? Expressing her religious belief.

In 2014 a federal district court legalized same-sex marriage in Wyoming. Ned Donovan, reporting for the Sublette Examiner at the time, phoned Neely and “asked if she was excited to be able to start performing same-sex marriages.” Judge Neely, distracted at the time and therefore not giving this deliberate “gotcha” question much thought, answered “that her religious belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman precludes her from officiating at same-sex weddings.” Her answer ignited a firestorm accusing her of homophobia and refusing to obey the law. A recent news article said “she refuses to uphold her legal obligation to marry same-sex couples.” The Commission filing states Neely “refuses to follow the law.” The accusations are malicious and patently false. read more

BREAKING: Violations of the Wyoming Constitution

This Complaint calls into issue matters of great public importance and concern over the pervasive efforts of the Wyoming Legislature to exceed its constitutional authority and to assume executive functions. At issue are contracts and actions taken with respect to what is known as the “Capitol Square Project.” Where the Legislature has been unwilling to constrain itself to its constitutional role, the Plaintiffs ask that the judiciary set the limits of the Legislature’s constitutional authority and restore the balance of powers, confining the Legislature to those powers prescribed to it by the Wyoming Constitution. This case represents only the latest in the inclination on the part of the Wyoming Legislature to exceed its constitutional authority. read more

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