Month: <span>August 2014</span>

Month: August 2014

Al Simpson Demands!

“Simpson demanded that the Tea Party learn to compromise”. Demanded! Wow! “We’re in this situation we’re in because you and your cohorts have done nothing but compromise for the last forty years,” DiLorenzo told Simpson. It seems the good old boys like to keep things nice and cozy. Yeah, that …


2014 Amendment A

“The adoption of this amendment would allow the governor to appoint nonresidents of the state to serve as University of Wyoming trustees. Not more than twenty percent (20%) of the appointed trustees may be nonresidents of the state. The governor would not be required to appoint any nonresident as a …


Geert Wilders, chairman Party for Freedom, the Netherlands

Editor’s Note: The concerns Geert Wilders expresses in his speech touches similar issues we face in America. Besides the Islamic threat, he shows the systemic problem of the political elites not listening to their people and not honoring their historical past that millions of their countrymen have bled and died …

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