Month: <span>August 2015</span>

Month: August 2015

Not A Vending Machine?

Since the first vending machine, in 1888, in NY City, dispensing Adam’s gum, few have been exempt from a familiar frustration. Not getting the item, for which we deposited our money. Worse yet, we didn’t even get our money back. Outrage is eclipsed only by a litany of expletives spewed …


Is Loitering Permitted?

Most of us have seen, at one time or another, a sign prominently posted, “No loitering!” It’s not as common as it was years ago. In some locales loitering may be prohibited by a local ordinance, or have the full force of the law accompanied by a monetary fine, free …


Getting Beyond Pedantry

Caution! Don’t tell a perfectionist minutia isn’t important. You risk incurring their wrath. It’s uncertain whether they’re born that way, or not. Either way, details are everything. “There’s a reason,” they vow. We who round off our checkbook, it’s unfathomable. In 1954, a love song charted in the UK and …


Selectively Extolling Death

Since creation mortals have had to confront the certainty of death. Someone labeled death as the “great equalizer.” With rare exceptions, most fight “tooth n’ nail” to cling to life. Some societies absent Judeo Christian underpinnings, honor, or extol suicide. The Kamikaze pilots from Japan considered it an honor to …

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