Month: <span>September 2016</span>

Month: September 2016

Let Us Face It

by Mike Pyatt Political races reveal the best and worst of the human condition. With the advent of television and 24/7 media access to politics, there’s an inordinate focus on presidential campaigns, and external glitz. It started with the Nixon Kennedy debate. The 2016 presidential race is no exception. Hillary’s …


Cowboy Common Sense Last Article With JHNG

by Maury Jones Final column in the weekly Jackson Hole News and Guide, published Sept 21, 2016, entitled, “Common Sense rides away into the sunset” This is my final column. The newspaper Editorial Board has decided to go a different direction with page A7 therefore opinion columns have been …


Where Few In Wyoming Will Tread

by Mike Pyatt   Since our founding, America has been a generous nation, with a storied history of charitable and philanthropic giving. Last year Americans donated a staggering 373 billion dollars to charitable causes. People dig into their pockets for a variety of reasons. Passion, gratitude, generosity, conviction, tax write …


So, There’s No Thirteenth Floor?

by Mike Pyatt   Triskaidekaphobia isn’t a recent phenomena. To the general population, it’s an irrational, unwarranted fear of the digit thirteen. A Greek word, that’s hard to pronounce-but harder to treat. An estimated 10% of Americans are actively superstitious about the number. There’s a myriad of theories of its …

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