Month: <span>January 2017</span>

Month: January 2017

The Last Speed Bump

by Mike Pyatt Not the indie folk band from Ohio, or the cartoon series from Dave Coverly. Rather a family of traffic calming devices that use vertical deflection to slow motor vehicle traffic. Used worldwide to enhance traffic safety conditions, they conversely pose mechanical hazards to smaller sport cars, or …


The Limits of Political Tolerance

by Mike Pyatt After a rancorous and divisive 2016, Presidential campaign, there’s a paucity of regard for differing opinions in American culture. The Left and Right slugfest continues. Denigration of our President-elect Donald Trump soars to “new heights of lows,” with absurd charges that Trump is not legitimately elected. One …


The High Cost of Weakness

by Mike Pyatt Much of Europe and Asia lay in ashen ruins in the Fall of 1945. The Soviet hammer and sickle flag flew over most of Europe and German Reichstag. Mao’s red star rose higher over a China devastated by almost a decade of war and Japanese occupation. The …

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