Month: <span>April 2017</span>

Month: April 2017

Life’s Fragile Nature

 by Mike Pyatt With the 2016 Presidential race in the rearview mirror, the liberal pundits are still focused on what President Trump hasn’t accomplished in his first one-hundred days. Wyoming’s still faced with the uncertainty of our fragile economy, inextricably linked to energy. Coal may get a needed boost from …


Stirring Up An Old Debate

by Mike Pyatt Recent recrudescent remarks by “Curious Streamer” British theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, that religion guides airplanes into buildings, but science sends rockets to the outer limits of the universe, is reminiscent of the historic rift between religion and science. It hasn’t attracted national attention like the1925, Scopes trial. …


Starve the 6th-Penny Beast

By Bradley Harrington “Taxes are not levied for the benefit of the taxed.” — Robert Heinlein, “Time Enough for Love,” 1973 — Taxes, we are all taught, are an essential requirement for civilization. Without them, we’ve been lectured all of our lives, our society would collapse in a whirlwind of …

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