Year: <span>2018</span>

Year: 2018

Who’ll Have Jesus’s Back?

by Mike Pyatt Hopefully most value “Well done’s better than well said.” Millions claim they do. In that context, how often has someone told you, “I’ve got your back!” Anyone navigating this orb for any time has likely heard that idiom. In the cyber realm of Mozilla Firefox, this likely …


A World Turned Upside Down

by Mike Pyatt How could two people, two millennia ago, given communications’ pace of the day, be characterized by citizens, at the end of Acts 17, “These, that have turned the world upside down have come here also.” That’s astonishing that any man, or men, like Paul and Silas, could’ve …


Handel Was Right!

by Mike Pyatt That familiar ring of the Salvation Army’s brigade of bell ringers, Red Kettle campaign, and Silicon Valley’s cyber blitz, serve as a quasi-official notice, signaling American retailers and consumers, that the Christmas shopping season has begun. There’s a more pleasant heralding of the Season, that’s less impertinent. …


Avoiding Shadow Boxing

by Mike Pyatt For those who’ve embraced Marconi’s gift, that later ushered in commercial radio, one of the most memorable early radio programs, in its’ heyday, was The Shadow Knows, a drama that began as a pulp magazine series, then graduated to radio in the late 1930’s. The principle character …

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