Month: <span>April 2019</span>

Month: April 2019

Scared Stiff?

by Mike Pyatt Some may recall the failed “Scared Straight” initiative, a 1978, 52 minute documentary narrated by Peter Falk, with a group of juvenile delinquents in a three hour session with hardened convicts, at New Jersey’s Rahway State Prison. It was an attempt, albeit unfruitful, to terrify young offenders, …


Keeping Our Eyes Wide Open

by Mike Pyatt While the scientific world’s astro-physicists are dazzled by the M87 Galaxy, first ever black hole photo, in the Virgo Constellation, #RealBlackHole, most serious minded citizens must keep their gaze fixed upon earthly domestic matters. Those with children recall what happens when mom and dad are fast asleep. …


Why Are Elitists In Charge?

by Mike Pyatt Immediately after the long awaited Mueller Report, that failed miserably to deliver what the Democrats and Progressive Left had hoped and planned, for nearly two years, MSNBC’s, with Morning Joe, and CNN’s, with Chris Cumo, ratings tanked for a few dismal days. Why? Could it be that …

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