Month: <span>August 2019</span>

Month: August 2019

Big Tent GOP-Yes or No?

by Mike Pyatt A tent can be a metaphor, a symbol, or an idyllic place of refuge, safety, or hiding. Tents can be a place to dwell for some, like the nomadic Bedouins, who’ve lived in black goat hair tents for centuries, eschewing permanent dwellings, preferring portable tents or shelter …


Lamentations In The Rearview Mirror

by Mike Pyatt Reformed theologian and philosopher, the late Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, wrote a seminal book, in1969, Death in the City, against the backdrop of the 1960’s countercultural upheaval. It reads like today’s headlines, nearly fifty years after Woodstock, that’s now being celebrated by revisionist historians, heralding it as …


Redolent of Self-Interest

by Mike Pyatt As adults, we’re unsurprised when one’s offspring is up front, asking, “What’s in it for me?” At least we can trot out our tawdry, “It’s not all about you,” speech that we’ve rehearsed just for this occasion, as we hastily eschew the #MeToo generation. Not so fast. …

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