Month: <span>January 2021</span>

Month: January 2021

Content With Cardboard

Most parents recall this prototypical Christmas morning scene, when the youngest offspring clumsily ripped open a large gift box, that was carefully selected and tediously wrapped with care. Staring at the contents, momentarily, but quickly casting the gift aside, now content to play with the cardboard box for hours. It …


Does Election Integrity Matter?

This past spring the Wyoming Republican Party held County and State Conventions. One county decided rules don’t matter. Their convention was very short and bypassed all the normal work of the convention such as proposed platform and bylaw changes and resolutions to be submitted to the state. They also decided …


Making Every Second Count

Nearly from childhood, we mortals are encouraged, even coerced, with few exceptions, to think longterm. Save your money for a rainy day. Keep your marks up in school so you can attend university. Snag a stable job with long-term benefits-chance for advancement. Stable advice. And, at the right time, find …

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