Month: <span>September 2022</span>

Month: September 2022

When Moral Compasses Stop Pointing True North

A battle rages in Natrona County over the NCSD Board of Trustee’s failure to condemn two books, “Gender Queer” and “Trans Body” that have been characterized as pornographic, yet defended by the school librarian. Removal of these books is still hotly debated. Some parents who still have a functioning moral …


Illegals Voting is Going to Fundamentally Change America

Here is evidence of the Democrats’ plan to “fundamentally change America” (Obama campaign promise). This is EXACTLY why they opened the border; because the Democrats’ policies cannot get enacted by true Americans who know our history and our culture. So Dems have to import their supporters. It’s as simple as …


The Minor Prophets Major On Sin

Ignoring God has predictable consequences. History’s rife with it. Nevertheless, we Christians, if we’re honest with ourselves, we sin with our eyes wide open at times, before a Holy God. Sadly, this isn’t new. Proverbs 28;1 insightfully explains when we ignore our sin, “The wicked flee when no one is …

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