Everyone who is interested in supporting the HB-179 to email the committee. Here are the email addresses you can copy and paste into the addressee line:;;;;;;;;

On the subject line you may want to consider:  Please support HB 179
In the body you may want to consider something to the effect of: Data privacy isn’t a political issue.  We need to have consent from those who are the owners of the data in order to collect, use, or share that data with any other entity.

I don’t think I’m overexagerating when I state that HB 179 is the only bill left that will actually address data privacy issues. There are a few on the Senate side but they put the government in charge of making the rules.  This bill puts the parents in charge of the data of their children and it is in “opt’in” bill which means that the government can’t have any data unless the parent is informed of what data is being collected, who is collecting and using the data (including contact info of the collecting entity), how it will be used, and who it will be shared with.  This puts the parent in charge.

Here is the link to the text of HB-179:

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