Assessor’s Office and Property Taxes

Assessor’s Office and Property Taxes


We recently had our home appraised, and the appraiser was shocked when the appraisal came in $150,000 below the assessed value of our home! If that sounds like a big leap, imagine the property owner who contested his assessment last spring and again at the hearing in October whose property was appraised for $31,000 and assessed at almost $800,000!

When it got down to $100,000, the Assessor’s Office acted like he should be grateful! Not one employee of the County Assessor’s office came to his (or anyone else who was at the hearing) defense including the current Assessor, who was at the time Deputy Assessor.

That is why we need Matt Keating for County Assessor. He has taken the time to talk to constituents about their past few years’ assessments, he has listened to their concerns, and has gone down to the County Assessor’s office to investigate and understand the computer system that has become the scape goat of the County Assessor’s Office.

Matt has also spent time in Cheyenne learning ways that the County Assessor’s office could run more efficiently, while providing the property owners in Natrona County with fair tax assessments.

Property owners deserve to have an Assessor that will fight for them, not stick them with superfluously extravagant tax bills! The taxes on our properties should never be more than the current FAIR market value of those properties.

As deputy, Matt Keating’s opponent did nothing to make sure the property owners in Natrona County were not being taken advantage of with egregious tax assessments. She had many opportunities to fight for the property owners of our county and failed to do so. Those who remain silent and do not stand up against injustice, are guilty of it.

Our votes will be going to Matt Keating on August 21st, because his opponent already had a chance as Deputy Assessor and she failed to stand up for or defend the property owners. Vote for Matt Keating, it is time the County Assessors’ office is run with fairness and respect.

Dan and Michelle Sabrosky
Bar Nunn

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