Awake! Fear! Fire! Foes! AWAKE!

Awake! Fear! Fire! Foes! AWAKE!

“Awake! Fear! Fire! Foes! AWAKE!” – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Horncall of Buckland, “Fellowship of the Ring,” 1954 –

Good Evening Guys ‘N’ Gals:

We talk, we talk and we talk… But NOW the time has come for some reasoned, intelligent ACTION.

I am of the opinion that Tuesday night, May 26, 2015, at 1800 hours, we have an opportunity to make a tremendous difference in the way our public officials, the Governing Body of the City of Cheyenne specifically, treat and deal with the inhabitants of this town.

For, you see, that’s the night the City Council makes its final decision (3rd Reading) on sanitation rate hikes… And your presence is sorely called for.

For those who might be unaware, allow me to digress for a moment and provide a bit of background:

(1) The City of Cheyenne owns a monopoly on sanitation services, and city officials have made it clear, over the years, that they have no compunction against employing the coercive power of government in order to set those sanitation rates at whatever value they deem necessary to accomplish their ends, regardless of the actual costs of providing those “services”;

(2) Just as recently as last year, city officials attempted to cram a 40 percent rate hike (8 percent over five years) down our throats. For a variety of (mostly lucky) reasons we cannot depend upon in the future, those rate hikes were torpedoed;

(3) THIS year, the looters are out in force to make it happen this time: They are nearly completely through their “process” of legislative action to raise those rates, independent of supply and demand, whether you like it or not. Last week, those rates were amended to drop down to 5 percent annually instead of 8 percent, but that could very well be amended right back up to 8 percent come Tuesday evening;

(4) The justification for this plundering of the defenseless Cheyenne taxpayer has been to expand the Happy Jack Landfill, but there is no truth to that assertion. Not only has the City been handing over at least $1.6 million of sanitation income to the city’s General Fund annually – monies collected from YOU, forcefully, at the point of a gun, ABOVE AND BEYOND what is necessary to provide you with sanitation services – but my attached article, which ran in yesterday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle, makes it clear that the rest of the City’s arguments on this front are full of holes;

(5) And it gets even better: I have City Treasurer Lois Huff on record at this point – as of Thursday – of admitting that the City of Cheyenne has, per BINDING LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION, been socking away $1,130,196 annually, since 2005, into a “New Solid Waste Disposal Facility and Landfill Closure Fund.” I am in the middle, now, of determining just how much was in that fund prior to 2005, as the City has been bound by resolutions of one kind or another since 1993 to save monies for landfill purposes – but the MINIMUM that fund should contain, currently, is $11,301,960. Well over 90 percent of the $12 million the City says it needs to complete the Happy Jack Landfill expansion project. Stay tuned for more City fireworks, over the course of the next week, on that front, as I continue to hold city officials accountable for their actions;

(6) These rate hikes city officials are attempting to saddle us with, therefore, are absolutely UNNECESSARY, and are an obvious attempt on the part of the City to see WHAT IT CAN GET AWAY WITH in their attempts to further tax and control its population. I am of the opinion that these extra monies, if their collections are legalized, will be used to fund further implementation of “PlanCheyene,” the planners’ local blueprint for a top-down, command-style regimentation of our city’s economy;

(7) At the very least, city officials are moving forward with this plan in order to gauge public resistance and awareness of their collectivist schemes – and their failure or success on this front, therefore, WILL HAVE RESOUNDING ECHOES THROUGHOUT CITY POLITICS AND GOVERNANCE FOR YEARS, POSSIBLY DECADES, TO COME.

(8) This is NOT about an extra $40.00 per year in sanitation fees, people!!! This is about WHETHER OR NOT YOU WILL TURN YOURSELVES INTO PLIANT LITTLE PUPPETS for city officials to plunder and manipulate as they will. Are you a SLAVE, or a FREE MAN OR WOMAN????

YOUR presence, therefore, at Tuesday night’s meeting, is desperately needed. I am blasting out this email to 91 people… Could you imagine the city’s consternation if even HALF of us show up?? Tell all your like-minded friends as well… It’s time for “boots on the ground,” folks – and the easy thing is, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SHOW UP. You DON’T have to speak, unless you want to. But we need to FILL those chambers to overflowing, in order to let these authoritarians know just who it is, exactly, they are dealing with. WHAT are they going to find, come Tuesday evening? That’s up to YOU.

I intend to speak myself, and I will blow the lid right off this “landfill expansion funding” nonsense. Also, Stacy Lynne, an extremely valuable and knowledgeable patriot from Colorado with huge amounts of direct experience regarding these specific issues, who is working with us on this cause, will be present as well.

It has been my experience in life, Ladies and Gentlemen, that when the authoritarians are confronted with reasoned, intelligent, forceful and unyielding opposition, they scatter like the cockroaches they are.

So, let’s break out the bug spray!!!!

With Love,
And Best Premises,


Bradley T. Harrington
1740H Dell Range Blvd., #180
Cheyenne, WY 82009

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