CALL TO ACTION! – Amendment 25

CALL TO ACTION! – Amendment 25

From: Marti HalversonHalversonH22

CALL TO ACTION! – Amendment 25

I need you to activate your base this morning! We need emails sent to the House members.

There’s a budget amendment (Number 25) coming up today to the 2017-2018 Budget Bill, House Bill 1, that would ask almost 8,000 state employees to pay a little more for their health, dental and life insurance policies.

An example: With an annual deductible of only $350, a state employee electing single coverage for medical/dental pays only $122 per month. The state’s portion is over $900.

This amendment would require the state to pay 10% less ($810) and the employee to pay the other $90, for a monthly premium of $212.

The budget bill is full of cuts to towns, counties, schools, seniors – whole programs are being eliminated – yet state employees are not being asked to participate in the austerity. Why not?

Salaries and benefits for state employees are THE LARGEST budget line item.

A simple 10% cut to the state’s insurance premium contribution would save millions.

Please write your Representative this morning urging their AYE vote on Amendment 25.


(Remember, HB-1 and its Amendment #25)



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