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Category: Information

Teacher Pensions

Official Education Spending Figures Do Not Incorporate Full Cost of Teacher Pensions “… Despite the centrality of pensions in debates over government budgeting and education policy, the NCES dramatically underestimates pension costs in its official education spending figures. States report to the NCES only the yearly contributions to teacher pension …


Cheyenne Spinmaster

Governor this was NOT a referendum about education “Governor, this wasn’t a referendum about education alone, it was a referendum about you and the legislature violating our state Constitution and eliminating our voice and oversight concerning the education of our children through our properly elected official!” Read the full article …


When Galaxies Collide

Galaxy Collisions: Simulation vs Observations Images Credit: NASA, ESA; Visualization: Frank Summers (STScI); Simulation: Chris Mihos (CWRU) & Lars Hernquist (Harvard). Explanation: What happens when two galaxies collide? Although it may take over a billion years, such titanic clashes are quite common. Since galaxies are mostly empty space, no internal …



Here’s a neat method for saving money on AA 1.5 volt batteries. Takes a little effort, but depending on how many of these batteries you use, you could save a lot. Watch the video.

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