Does Your Vote Count Anymore?

Does Your Vote Count Anymore?

With the stroke of their pens and their votes, six members of Casper’s City Council have thwarted the power inherent in the people by trifling with their vote.  As of September 2nd, these six elected officials have permanently changed the Procedures for Removal or Censor of Public Officials (Chapter 2.64 of the Casper Municipal Code)[1] such that, “Any City councilman may be removed from office, for cause, by a vote of a two-thirds majority of all members of the City Council…” (City of Casper, Wyoming Ordinance No. 22-14, Section 3, Part B)

Think about it. This is about an ELECTED office–not an APPOINTED position.  Again, these amendments are about and permanently affect the office and not necessarily the person who holds the office.

Didn’t YOU vote to elect YOUR choice to fill the office of city councilman–YOUR representative, YOUR agent, you know the one acting on YOUR behalf in place of YOU?

Of course there must be ’cause’ for removal, but according to the newly amended ordinances, just who decides what that cause is OR that there even is a cause apparently doesn’t need to have the voters’ input.  Nope, the City Council will do that for us.  For coverage of the City Council meeting and both councilmen’s and voters’ comments read more here:

Understand that this is a ‘done deal’ UNLESS the citizens use their collective authorized power to reject this newly passed ordinance by a referendum vote.  How do you take hold of that authorized power?

YOU sign the dual petitions (valid signatures must come from registered voters who are residents of Casper);

YOU vote on the special ballot in May; AND
YOU invite at least 5 other valid signers to sign, vote, and invite.

3,500 VALID signatures BEFORE September 29, 2014 are necessary to create cause for a special ballot.

What will this cost the taxpayers of Casper?  Natrona County’s own Linda Bergeron speaks to the city council about the referendum process here:

Listen carefully to the video from about 1:30 to 1:50.  In order to ‘undue’ these six councilmen concentrating your power in their hands, taxpayers will bear the burden of the referendum vote to the tune of $30,000.00!?

The six who voted for passing these onerous amendments are:

Kenyne Schlager (307) 235-8224;

Paul Meyer (307) 237-7481;

Paul Bertoglio (307) 235-4726;

Charlie Powell (307) 577-6042;

Steve Cathey (307) 472-0077;

Bob Hopkins (307) 472-1837.

Please contact them and ask them, “Why?”  “Why have they trifled with your vote AND what are they going to do about it?”  Paul Meyer and Kenyne Schlager are running for re-election.

In November you will have a choice; Shawn Johnson is running in Ward II ( and William Street is running in Ward III (

At this time, petition sets are available to sign at these locations:

— Preventive Health Resources; 2300 Mulberry (near Light House Baptist Church behind Smiths)
— Caldwell Banker; 632 S. David Street
— Rocky Mountain Oilfield Warehouse; 414 Elm Street
— Prism Quilt and Machine 114 E. 2nd Street (across from Lou Taubert’s)
— Laser-Tech; 3680 CY Ave

For updated information, to sign the petition set, circulate one, and to give business or event suggestions for placing a petition set, please contact Susan Graham 265-3516, email:

[1] Chapter 2.64 of the Casper Municipal Code, pages 59 – 64.

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