Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Tyranny!

Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Tyranny!

People need to realize that Liberals, democrats, and Communist will always change the language to fit their narrative. We’ve seen this for decades from nuclear winter, spotted owls, ozone depletion, global cooling, acid rain, polar bears and caribou dying off, and global warming. You will note that with global warming they changed the language after getting caught in their lies to climate change.

All of these have commonalities. Including COVID! All are based upon bald-faced lies, all are perpetrated by the same elite, all are orchestrated for the redistribution of wealth, and all are based on causing fear among the people of the world.

Those who control the language, thus the narrative, control the debate. They use the words vaccinated against the unvaccinated, the mask wearers against the non-caring, “science” against science-deniers, the health of the many verses the few, are you pro-vax or pro-choice, etc. Let’s face it, it has never been about our health just like it’s never been about the world coming to an end. It’s always been about control and power over others, tyranny plain and simple.

Perhaps we should start using the proper language and set the narrative for what it is really about, Liberty! Are you pro-Liberty or not? There is no need to define it nor explain it. You either believe in Liberty for yourself, your family, your fellow man, and country, or you do not! For those who cling to their fears then have to admit that they do not care about you, your family, nor their country – of course they will not say that to you, but they will be put into a situation that they say it to themselves.

It’s time to stop using the Communist lingo, instead, speak truth.

For this writer, I am Pro-Liberty !!

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