House District 57, You Snooze You Lose

House District 57, You Snooze You Lose

Time and again many talk about, and complain, that the GOP in Wyoming cannot get their act together, especially just before the Primary. That too many candidates run, for instance, for governor. This is the same for other political positions such as precinct committee members, city and county seats, and state house and senate positions.

One need only ask, “how can this be”, and you are sure to get several reasons why. Well, it’s not too hard to imagine that democrats register as republicans and run for local political positions. Thus the outcome is easy to see that these chameleons do not, will not, and never will subscribe to the GOP platform. And is precisely why they register as republicans. And this is why a red state like Wyoming moves to the Left and will not agree on basic things like our Bill of Rights.

Many in the GOP are frustrated with “negative campaigning”, or “mudslinging”, and let’s not forget “dirty politics”! Too many voters consider people telling the truth and offering facts about GOP candidates are guilty of the former terms, but, if truth and facts are not acceptable means of informing voters, just how do suggest voters get informed?

Is the wrath of the informer really about a fellow republican, or is it of a chameleon, commonly known as a RINO (Republican In Name Only)?

Once these RINOs get into GOP political positions, they in turn solicit other democrats (ie; Liberals) to join the ranks of the GOP. We saw this a few years back when the chairman of the Natrona GOP solicited a hard democrat to register as a republican, and subsequently that person was appointed to the Natrona GOP Central Committee by becoming a precinct committee member.

History is repeating itself once again in Natrona County in which a Hard Democrat, Dan Sandoval, registered as a republican and is challenging a true GOP Conservative, Chuck Gray, for House District 57. His platform is certainly not that of the GOP! Mr. Sandoval has even gone so far as to send out a campaign mailer encouraging democrats to register as republicans so they can vote against the GOP Conservative. Oh, to be technically correct, the mailer claims to be from “Committee to Elect Danial Sandoval for HD 57”, but make no mistake, Mr. Sandoval approves the message.

This is precisely why the Wyoming GOP is fractured. It’s Conservative Republicans verses Liberals. So, you might be wondering what can be done with such skullduggery, and you would not be the only one thinking the same thing. The old and recurring advice still holds true today, as well as in the future, conservatives MUST remain diligent as to who candidates claim to be. Secondly, conservatives should not be critical of the messenger when truth and facts are presented. Failing to adhere to this advice will ensure more Liberals will register as republicans, that they will in turn solicit their Liberal friends to join the GOP, and Wyomingites will never have an opportunity to change the election and registration process so long as the state House and Senate are made up of RINOs.

Conservatives in House District 57 MUST get out and vote for Chuck Gray and encourage every conservative to do likewise. Chuck won the last election by only 49 votes, so it is imperative to do our part if we want Wyoming to really be a conservative state, of free and independent people.

~ Steve Bray

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