ICC Monopoly and Lawsuits

ICC Monopoly and Lawsuits

The reader must understand that by adopting ICC “copyrighted” material prevents the copying and dissemination of this material even though it becomes part of law or regulation that effects citizens. It begs the question, if citizens cannot use ignorance of the law as an excuse for violating them, just how can a citizen know, research, and understand these laws and regulations? Politicians and bureaucrats will tell you that you can visit their offices during open hours, or in some cases, the local library. Really! Why not just have it all on their websites for everyone to see? Well, they won’t, and can’t, because the material they make reference to is copyrighted.

Read the PDF document below and you can see how much of the ICC codes Wyoming has adopted in 2015. Be sure to visit the links presented in the document to read just how restrictive it is to publish or access the copyrighted material. People and municipalities have had to use legal measures to defend themselves or fight unsuccessfully to be able to publish. Of particular interest are the ICC Adoption Maps; you will note this issue is pervasive throughout the country.

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