Is America Getting What it Pays for on Education?

Is America Getting What it Pays for on Education?

Considering that so much money is spent on public education with very little to show for it, and the stats show home-schooled children out perform those in public school, why do we bother with public school at all? Students can do far better being home schooled and via private schools for a lot less than what is spent in the public arena. Isn’t it time to dump the K-12 public school system in its entirety?

Natrona County spends somewhere in the ballpark of $18,500 per student per year, yet 25% cannot even graduate. Only government can think that 75% success rate is great.

Could a private instructor having only ten students make a living? Well, if the instructor received $18,500 per student; that would be $185,000 per year income! Not bad for such a small class. Would our society be better off funding private and home schooling than the over bloated public school bureaucracy? With the potential income private schools could get, they could have your kids picked up and brought back home using a taxi, and would still make a profit!

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