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Natrona County Town Hall Meeting Feb 19

Natrona County Town Hall Meeting Feb 19

There are quite a few folks who disagree with the Natrona GOP leadership in regard to its position on Liz Cheney. As the reader may be aware, Cheney voted in favor of the impeachment trial against Donald Trump, a private citizen. Cheney having a law degree from the University of Chicago Law School should know that an impeachment trial against a private citizen that does not hold any elected position is blatantly unconstitutional. But what’s even more out of touch with reality, she is squarely against the very people and state she is supposed to represent. For this reason many Wyoming residents have censored her for shameful conduct and not representing Wyoming values. Keep in mind that over seventy percent of Wyoming voted for Trump.

With that said, several Natrona residents have scheduled a Town Hall meeting February 19th at 6:00 PM at The Hanger in Bar Nunn. It’s open to anyone interested in discussing the actions of Liz Cheney or other matters in Natrona County. The Town Hall is located at, The Hangar Bar & Grill, 1410 Prairie Lane, Bar Nunn, WY, http://www.wyominghangar.com/. More information can be obtained at the town hall website: https://libertysplace4uwy.com/

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