Ray Pacheco’s Illegal Campaign Faux Pas

Ray Pacheco’s Illegal Campaign Faux Pas

by Michelle SabroskyMichelleSabrosky

I was approached by a HD57 constituent yesterday, with a flier that former Democrat Ray Pacheco, placed in her door while she was not home.  –Something that had it been his opponent, the Casper Star Tribune would have written an article calling for a public lynching. —

Besides being a political flier that encouraged talking about the issues, that literally didn’t address any issues, the flier is missing something rather important, but not something the average constituent would have picked up on: The “Paid For By” line.

This is a clear violation of Wyoming Statutes 22-25-110;

“a) It is unlawful for a candidate, political action committee, organization, including organizations making expenditures pursuant to W.S. 22-25-102(k), candidate’s campaign committee, or any political party central committee to pay for campaign literature or campaign advertising in any communication medium without printing or announcing the candidate, organization or committee sponsoring the campaign advertising or campaign literature. The communications media in using the campaign advertising shall print or announce the name of the candidate, organization or committee paying for the advertising.”

Let me be clear here, mistakes happen, it is not the fact that he overlooked the “Paid for By” line, that I have a problem with, it is the double standard that if it were a conservative, the media, like the Casper Star Tribune would be having a field day, but since it is one of their chosen, one they have been actively campaigning for, nothing would said be about it, again that would be fine if it was the standard and there was not a double standard.

The media and the Good Ol’ Boys love making examples out of conservatives, but go out of their way to protect their own. -How’s that for “party unity”? –

But,  unfortunately other concerns were raised by the constituent, that kind of piggy backed off of the missing “Paid for by” line.

Since there was no “Paid For By” line, there is no way to know whether or not the fliers were printed at the expense of Casper, Natrona County, and Wyoming tax payers.

You see, Ray works for Casper College, which receives funding from both the State of Wyoming and Natrona County AND is a sitting Casper City Councilman. He has access to printers and copiers, as well as paper and ink, paid for by the tax payers of Wyoming, Natrona County, and the City of Casper.

By excluding the “Paid For By” line on the fliers (signed by Pacheco), the burden of proof falls on him, and should he not be able to produce proof that he did not print and make copies using printers, copiers, paper and ink at the expense of tax payers, all we have is his word…  The word of a man who cannot decide if he is a Democrat or Republican and changes political parties more often than an 8th grade girl changes moods.

And because none of this is bad enough, Pacheco, as a sitting City Councilman is not familiar with the state law concerning campaign finance and expenditures.  Not only that, but Ray aspires to be a state law maker, and cannot even follow the most basic state campaign laws.

Which raises even more questions.

Do we need yet another lawmaker in Cheyenne that cannot adhere to the laws they impose on others?

As a former democrat, is Ray Pacheco playing by the democrat “rules” that there are no rules (unless of course it comes to the other guy)?

Is Ray Pacheco taking plays right out of the Obama and Clinton playbooks?

Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative, lost his right to vote because he donated more than the legal amount to a friend’s campaign… Yet Democrats seem to get away with breaking Campaign Finance (and expenditure) laws all the time!

We cannot overlook the hypocrisy that the Casper Star Tribune would be writing hit pieces on any conservative candidate that forgot to include the “Paid For By” line on their campaign materials.

Haven’t we had enough with double standards in this state? The “Good Ol’ Boys” keep getting away with breaking laws, being unethical, and passing unconstitutional laws, making any kind of mistakes while conservatives are made examples of (with the help of the Casper Star Tribune and Wyoming Tribune Eagle) in the most public, embarrassing, and expensive way.

You can contact Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray at:

Secretary of State’s Office
2020 Carey Avenue
Suite 600
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020

Ph. (307) 777-7378
Fax: (307) 777-6217
Email: SecOfState@wyo.gov

Elections Division
2020 Carey Avenue
Suite 600
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020

Ph. (307) 777-5860
Fax: (307) 777-7640
Email: Elections@wyo.gov


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