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Refugees and America’s Future

How will refugees affect your children’s and children’s children? Congress continues to exacerbate our society and culture by the ever increase of bringing in more and more refugees. Furthering Americans’ frustration, Congress has chosen not to listen to the very people they are supposed to represent.

However, there is a growing concern among Americans, and politicians are responding by deliberately changing the “narrative” from refugees to “the homeless”. Obviously, when a refugee arrives in America they are immediately “homeless”. And who do you think will pay for the housing, medical, education and feeding of the imported homeless? To engender feelings for those in plight, such as Christians being slaughtered, politicians seek your approval of more immigration. However, it has not been a priority of the Obama administration to import Christians, rather, Muslims.

We need to ask ourselves once again, how will refugees affect your children’s and children’s children? Below are a couple of videos that put the real numbers in perspective and how the actions of Congress is compounding the problem.


If you find these numbers disturbing, it is imperative that you make your voice heard! Contact your elected officials and make them listen. Contact all of your elected officials, from city council, county commissioners, state legislators, the governor, and your U.S. Senators and Congresswoman.


FBI director admits USA can’t vet all Syrian refugees for terrorism

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