SF-104 and CCSS

SF-104 and CCSS

Common Core Standards (aka: Common Core State Standards, CCSS)

By now many know what CCSS is, and wonder why our Wyoming legislators and the governor insisted on ramming SF-104 through faster than a speeding bullet. CCSS is nothing more than a Socialist’s education dream come true (some even go so far as to call it the Communist’s dream).

SF-104 was needed to get the Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) out of the way. Why? Simple, because the current SPI focuses on our children’s best interests, rather than holding out a leech’s hand asking (or begging) the federal government for more money like many of our state legislators and the governor. The SPI duties have been gutted that the position is of mere appearance for the sheeple’s consumption. The SPI can no longer be in a position to vote for what’s best for our children. These duties have been turned over to the governor’s hand-picked Education Czar, referred to as a Director. And one of the first responsibilities that governor Mead requested was to go to Washington D.C. and ask for a waiver, which is the pathway for CCSS.

So just what did these nut-jobs have in mind when gutting the SPI position’s duties? Could it be that they are on par with Nancy Pelosi, who has recently been accurately described as Mind Numbingly Stupid or a Liar? Remember, in Pelosi’s own words, “we have to pass the bill before we know what’s in it”. Are our representatives so full of greed that they willingly signed on to CCSS using SF-104 as the vehicle to get there? Are our representatives so stupid to sign on to something before the curriculum has even been written? Are they so stupid that their excuses in passing SF-104 is nothing more than rehearsed “talking points” that sound very similar to those used by the Obama administration? Do our representatives actually believe that money is the answer to teaching children? Depending which source you use, it has been reported that Wyoming pays around eight-teen thousand dollars ($18,000) per student per year. And yet thirty percent (30%) of Wyoming students do not make the grade. Do our representatives actually believe that dumbing down the curriculum will make our children smarter? Do our representatives believe that teaching, or perhaps more accurately described as indoctrination,  to a “test” developed by “professional” bureaucrats will make our children smarter?

These questions are significant when looking at our representatives’ voting records. Regardless of their “registered” political affiliation, they seem to have a voting record of the likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. Many of these same representatives who voted and sponsored SF-104 also voted to increase your gasoline taxes, and deny you your Second Amendment rights. When one reviews their rep’s voting record in totality, a new picture emerges. A very ugly picture, and I’m sure not the picture you had in mind. And this brings us to the time to reevaluate all of our representatives, and especially the governor, during the primary. Many candidates run under the “Republican” banner, yet they are just as Liberal as Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. Unfortunately the republican party continues to support the very people who vote Liberal. Why? Well there could be several answers, but for one it is because if there is no challenger in the primary the party will just endorse the incumbent. And, even if there is a challenger the party will set silently aside and let the voters hash it out. But here lies the problem; if the party supported the incumbent in the past and sets idly by while a challenger runs, what are the voters to think? They will vote for the incumbent. So just what does the party have in mind? If they have a bad egg amongst themselves, they will do nothing to support a challenger who agrees to support the republican platform. It begs the question, what does the republican party stand for? The party will not even admonish the reps when they go astray. For instance, the Wyoming Republican Party has stated they are against SF-104, yet the republican governor ignores this and is 100% for it! What has the party done? When it’s time to vote for another governor in the primary, will the party support Matt Mead, the challenger, anyone? Or will they once again set on the side lines and let the guy who spent nearly a million bucks of his own money to get elected with the help of Liberals? For a party to announce their platform and proclaim to be against SF-104 makes good headlines, but does it really help the party? Or are we to see once again business as usual? Is this what is meant as the Good Old Boy Network?

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