BLM Lacks Horse Sense in Managing Mustangs

by Maury JonesMauryJones2

Horse sense is sadly lacking where management of the wild mustang is concerned. I see that a Judge dismissed the suit that Wyoming brought against the BLM for having too many cayuses on the range. It seems the critters are competing with Wyoming cattle, not to mention damaging habitat meant for native wildlife such as camelopes, muleys, and wapiti. The Wyoming Governor is quoted as saying the BLM “fails to comply with applicable law.”

Well, you can pass all the “applicable law” you want, but the biological urge to reproduce trumps any law you can concoct in the hallowed halls of Congress. Because God’s creatures can’t read the Congressional Record, they just go on reproducing until they eat themselves out of habitat. read more


by Maury Jones

Howdy folks,

I’ve been asked to write a regular column, giving the common sense cowboy slant on issues which often divide us. I welcome the opportunity to try and bring a little horse sense to our discussions. In so doing, I make a vow that I won’t attack anyone personally, primarily because they have the God-given Right to be as big an idiot as I am, or at least know facts that are different from the facts that I know. Nor will I engage in endless argument.

Years ago I learned a valuable lesson about arguing. A fellow came in to my gun shop and he started bragging about the accuracy of his deer rifle. “That rifle shoots straight as a string for 400 yards,” he claimed. Now, I knew a little bit about gravity and bullet ballistics, so I proceeded to explain the impossibility of a rifle sighted in at 100 yards being right on at 400 yards. He refused to believe it, based on his experience. The argument got a bit heated, and he left with a burr under his saddle. All this time my old mentor, Tom Ireland, had quietly watched, then sagely turned to me and advised, “Never argue with an idiot. The onlooker doesn’t know which one is the idiot.” read more

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